Jane Eyre

80 Minutes 25 Characters 1 Actress
Adapted and Performed by Lisa Hayes

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Jane Eyre


Nursing moves from the bedside to the bargaining table and from the headlines to the picket lines in the celebrated off-Broadway play that takes you on an entertaining and unforgettable journey through a labor strike. Based on a real-life nurses' strike, Nurse! chronicles the evolution of a strike through the eyes of nurses, family members, negotiators, and management.

Finding the Light

With a family history haunted by the Holocaust, Pulitzer-Prize winning photographer Marissa Roth traveled the world documenting the impact of war on women from Cambodia to Bosnia, Vietnam to Germany. Using photographs from Roth’s exhibit “One Person Crying: Women and War,” Lisa Hayes portrays Roth, sharing stories of the courage and resilience of ordinary women surviving extraordinary challenges.

Jane Eyre

Also written by Lisa Hayes

Breast in Show, by Lisa Hayes with music and lyrics by Joan Cushing. Welcome to the “Chemo Café,” where strangers become friends sharing an unforgettable journey of laughter and tears on the road to healing. This life-affirming emotional rollercoaster gives voice to someone you know in the musical one reviewer called the “tumor of humor.” To find out more, including information on licensing the show, see www.breastinshow.org

Bedside Manners, by Lisa Hayes and Suzanne Gordon. This entertaining and moving play focuses on the causes and consequences of ineffective communication and unprofessional behaviors between nurses and physicians. The play is a remarkable teaching tool and ideal for any healthcare team that is working to create a respectful, collaborative patient care environment.  For more information, see www.bedsidemannerstheplay.com