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80 Minutes 25 Characters 1 Actress
Adapted and Performed by Lisa Hayes

Nurse! Written and Performed by Lisa Hayes

Now playing at the Charm City Fringe Festival in Baltimore.  Two performances left: Nov. 7 & 9 at 8:15.  Tickets and info available here.

Nurse Poster

About the Play

Fed up with forced overtime and unsafe conditions, the nurses of St. Mary's are walking out on strike!  Nursing moves from the bedside to the bargaining table and from the headlines to the picket lines in this highly acclaimed one-woman show. The play chronicles the evolution of a strike by revealing the thoughts and struggles of individual characters - nurses, family members, negotiators, and management. 

Lisa Hayes developed the play from interviews with nurses and other key players in a strike by New York State Nurses Association nurses and an organizing campaign by nurses in Buffalo. In addition to a limited run off-Broadway, the play has been performed at theaters and conferences from Istanbul, Turkey to Cody, Wyoming.


Ted Hadley

The Buffalo News

“Hayes nails all of the roles perfectly.  Young, old, female, male, she wonderfully fleshes out the prime players in this composite tale of 400 nurses on strike for 100 days.  The story is fascinating and superbly acted by Hayes, a marvelous acting talent, a dialection with that rare ability to look, walk and talk differently from minute to minute, a splendid actress.”    

Patricia Mitchell

DC Metro Theater Arts

Lisa Hayes brings one of her acclaimed one-woman shows to Baltimore with NURSE!, a compelling story of a labor strike… Embodying numerous distinct characters, Hayes portrays the journey of a group of hospital nurses who stand up for better, safer …We also get to see the strike through the eyes of others affected by it…As Jimmy, the teenage son of a striking nurse explains in a monologue that left me teary, the whole family participates in a strike…Hayes does an excellent job of making her characters easily distinguishable. Simple costume variations like the addition of a jacket or a hat and the use of relevant accents create distinctions. Hayes does some impressive physical work, as well…Times like now, it’s important to remember that there is strength in solidarity. Lisa Hayes’s NURSE! is not only a well-acted, enjoyable show, it is the kind of reminder we need. It’s also a call to action – to value nurses and all workers who toil for the common good...” 

Lorraine Seidel

New York State Nurses Association

“Lisa Hayes effectively conveys the mission, struggles, and heroism of Registered Nurses everywhere.”


Booking the play

Nurse! can be performed in a variety of venues, from theaters to meeting halls and conference rooms. To inquire about fees and availability, Contact: Ted Manekin tmanekin@pobox.com