Jane Eyre

80 Minutes 25 Characters 1 Actress
Adapted and Performed by Lisa Hayes

About the play

Lisa Hayes has captivated audiences around the world with her tour-de-force solo performance of Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre. Hayes tells the gothic story of mystery and romance in just 80 minutes, playing 25 characters in this entertaining adaptation. Follow governess Jane from the orphanage where she was raised to the gentleman’s manor house where her dream of happiness and security is crushed by the revelation of a terrible secret. Fleeing with only the clothes on her back, Jane embarks on a courageous journey that tests her resilience, and demonstrates why her independent spirit, belief in equality and sense of justice continue to inspire.

Jane Eyre has been enjoyed at a wide variety of venues, from living rooms to castles. Some of these include: Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Scotland), Prague Fringe Festival (Czech Republic), Castle Fraser (Scotland), King’s Head Theatre (London, England), Odyssey Theatre (Los Angeles, CA), 78th Street Theatre (New York City, NY), Belltown Theatre (Seattle, WA), Fredonia Opera House (Fredonia, NY), Babcock Theater (Billings, MT), Mojave Performing Arts Series (Lake Havisu, AZ), The Octagon (Washington, DC), and Ashley Hall (Charleston, SC).

Jane Eyre


The Buffalo News

Hayes’ ability in bringing so many characters in and out of the foreground of this nearly Dickensian plot by convincingly conveying their silliness, bitterness or cruelty is a fine feat of vocal and gestural performance. To breathe such an engaging and lucid liveliness into each of them is quite another matter, and for this, Hayes gets a standing ovation.


Lisa Hayes’ Jane Eyre makes us want to dig out our copy of Charlotte Brontë’s classic and curl up with it once again … Hayes commands the stage. 

Brontë Society Newsletter

Wearing the kind of long gray dress that befits an impoverished 19th century governess, and with no prop other than a wooden reading stand, Hayes took on all the roles in the novel and characterized them with the clarity that Brontë’s images require. What emerged…was both a nineteenth-century heroine and a contemporary woman.

Jane Eyre Prague -1a

Booking the play

Jane Eyre is suitable for nearly any size and type of venue, from a traditional theatre to a museum, living room, garden, or church sanctuary. Fees vary, depending on the venue size, the number of performances, and any additional activities, such as acting or writing workshops.

To inquire about fees and availability,
Contact: Ted Manekin  tmanekin@pobox.com