Nearly any size and type of space - a living room or garden, a traditional theatre, a school or community center auditorium, the sanctuary of a church - can accommodate Jane Eyre. The lighting is simple - a general pool of light and no internal light cues. No sound equipment is required. The only furniture is a bookstand (which tours with the show) and a wooden chair without arms or a piano bench (which must be provided by the presenter). There are no props or costume changes. Also, there is no intermission, though one can be added if needed by the presenter.

Residency activities, including mini-performances with discussions, lectures and readings related to the novel, and workshops and master classes, are available. Fees vary, depending on the number of performances and other activities. Special rates are available for presenters who book a residency or collaborate with other presenters in creating a tour for Jane Eyre.

While performances are traditionally booked at least one year in advance, Jane Eyre is sometimes available for bookings on short notice. Because of its wide appeal and the simplicity of the show, it makes an excellent last minute replacement when another artist or group has to cancel or when a "TBA" slot needs to be filled.

To book Jane Eyre, contact:

Ted Manekin
Manekin Associates
3000 Bendix Lane
Bowie, MD 20715
Phone: (716) 984-8800

For other inquiries regarding Jane Eyre, contact Lisa Hayes at:

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