Hayes' ability in bringing so many characters in and out of the foreground of this nearly Dickensian plot by convincingly conveying their silliness, bitterness or cruelty is a fine feat of vocal and gestural performance.  To breathe such an engaging and lucid liveliness into each of them is quite another matter, and for this, Hayes gets a standing ovation from me.  Jane Eyre lives still...with a freshness and brightness that is seldom conveyed.
Four Stars. 

The Buffalo News

The best was Jane Eyre, which celebrated both the ultimate romantic female protagonist and Charlotte  Brontë -- as well as the talents of performer Lisa Hayes...Hayes plays Eyre with fiery virtuosity. 

  The Village Voice

Hayes' Mr. Rochester is a swaggering hero.

  Los Angeles Times

Hayes tells Brontë's story with energy and conviction.  She portrays all 25 characters, but Hayes is at her best as Jane -- simple, refined and resilient. 

  LA Weekly

Lisa Hayes' Jane Eyre makes us want to dig out our copy of Charlotte Brontë's classic and curl up with it once again..Hayes commands the stage..charming rendition.


Wearing the kind of long gray dress that befits an impoverished 19th-century governess, and with no prop other than a wooden reading stand, Hayes took on all the roles in the novel and characterized them with the clarity that Brontë's images require.  What emerged ...was both a nineteenth-century heroine and a contemporary woman.

  Theater Week
   Jane Eyre, a one-act adaptation and performance by Lisa Hayes, surveys the main scenes of the 1847 classic.  When seen in New York at The Players on the magnificent stage designed in 1888 by Stanford White for its founder, Edwin Booth, Ms. Hayes brought finesse and nobility to the work.
    At the start, when the audience was still talking and the lights were up, she startled everyone by shrilly exclaiming, "Boo!"  Immediately, a hush came over the room, the lights went down, and Hayes remained entirely in control as she proceeded to dramatize the work's various roles: she became the penniless orphan, then the aunt, the Lowood Institution superintendent, the fellow orphan Helen Burns, the married Mr. Rochester, the Reverend St. John Rivers, her newly found cousins Mary and Diana, and the blinded Mr. Rochester.  Finally, she became the tragically inspiring wife of the crippled Mr. Rochester.  Her body and face adjusted to each character, and her voice captured accents and intonations achieved only by first-rate talent: that, Lisa Hayes is!
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